Can you get carbon fiber in other colors?

We only manufacture items using black carbon fiber. Carbon fiber comes in other colors but the demand is so low, and we would have to buy it in such small quantities, that it would be too expensive for us to offer.

What precautions should I take when cutting carbon fiber myself?

Cutting carbon fiber safely requires the same protection you would expect to use when cutting  any fibrous material. Wearing a painter’s dust mask over your nose and mouth will help protect your lungs from the tiny airborne fibers. Masks should be stored somewhere other than the cutting area when not in use to insure the inside of the mask is kept free of particles.  When  the outside of the mask  becomes discolored it is a good idea to switch to a new mask. Wearing safety glasses that fully cover the front and sides of your eyes will prevent any flying debris from damaging your eyes.  Goggle type safety glasses will keep  finer particles out of your eyes as well.

Wearing gloves and/or cutting sleeves will protect your skin from irritation. Carbon fiber/epoxy composite is not harmful to the human body, but the dust fibers are very small and stiff and can irritate skin just like fiberglass.  This is not something to be overly concerned about but the risk of irritation is there.  Carbon fiber is a relatively safe material to work with when  common sense is applied.

How does carbon fiber withstand weather?

One of the benefits of using carbon fiber tubing is that it will withstand weather better than most other materials.  Moisture and temperature does not degrade carbon composite tubing.  Ultra violet radiation will degrade the epoxy and weaken the structure if it is not coated properly.  To fully protect the tubing it is advisable to paint any portion exposed to UV rays for long periods of time.  Even when left outside in a very high index UV area of the country you would not notice any significant changes for many months.  As the UV light degrades the epoxy the tube may become slightly more golden in color and may look faded.  We have tested the effects of sunlight to a great extent so we know what we’re talking about.  If you want to maintain the look of the carbon fiber use a clear coat paint with UV inhibitors.  We do not paint single tubes but any qualified paint shop could handle the task. There are also companies that manufacture a clear spray on protectant to inhibit UV radiation, the only downside to these coatings is they need to be applied every 4-8 weeks depending on exposure.

When will my order ship?

Each item is handmade by one of our talented fabricators. We strive to make and ship your item within 5 business days of your order being placed.

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